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Get a room. Give so much more.

Sponsoring a room at Dell Seton Medical Center at UT will impact the lives of thousands of our neighbors.

Austin will soon be home to a technologically advanced teaching and research hospital. Your gift of sponsoring one room will pay dividends to thousands of your neighbors over the course of your lifetime.

365 days a year, for decades to come, your room will be:

  1. A caring home for individuals and their families
  3. A smart room with interactive technologies to increase the ease of communication between patients and their caregivers.

The new Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas won’t simply advance the delivery of medicine, it will help transform it.

Give a room. Get a lasting legacy.

Our hometown is known for its many firsts, from fastest growing city in America to most desirable city to live in, we often top the charts.

Here’s a first you may not know about: Dell Seton Medical Center at UT will be the first newly built medical school/teaching hospital combination in the nation over the past 30 years.

Our medical center will attract top clinicians, it will retain the best and brightest students, and its patient rooms will have the latest technologies.

A gift to the Future of Care campaign will benefit construction and equipment for Seton's new teaching hospital, and provide a legacy of care that reverberates throughout our community. Your support of a patient room will pay dividends in the numbers of people it serves and the daily comfort and care it delivers.

Get a room, yes. But which one to get?

$35,000 — Critical Care (ICU) Room
A gift to support a Critical Care room will provide a place for life-saving care for the most critically injured and ill patients who require the kind of specialized care that only a Level I Trauma Center can provide.

Critical Care rooms are designed to accommodate patients over the course of their treatment, so they can stay in the same room as thir condition improves. Limited quantites available.

$25,000 — Short-Term Active Care
With your gift, your name will be recognized on a Short-Term Active Care room, the healing home to patients with an array of complex conditions.

Patients recovering after surgery and others being treated for illnesses requiring comprehensive care, but not at the intense level of an ICU, receive care in these rooms.

Room Promotion
Room Promotion
Room Promotion

What makes a smart room smart?

  1. Automated Visitor Introduction – When care team members or hospital personnel enter your room, their picture and role on the team will be displayed on your TV.
  3. Interactive Television – Offers specific health instructions and educational videos, as well as movies and music on demand.
  5. Wirelessly Connected – Medical equipment in the room will wirelessly and automatically send vitals into your electronic medical record, giving up-to-the-second information to your entire medical team. For the patient, wireless means mobility—giving them freedom to get up and move around.
  7. Easy Communication – A single hand-held device enables clinicians to make calls, send secure texts, review medical data, and receive patient alerts. This helps medical staff focus on better and faster care for you.

Give a room. Here's what you get.

  • Your gift will have a direct impact on the lives of tens of thousands of your Central Texas neighbors.
  • Your donation is 100% tax deductible.
  • Your name on a plaque prominently placed outside your room’s door.
  • You will be our special guest to private VIP events.
  • Your name will be recognized on the major donor wall in the hospital.
  • Your dollars will be matched by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation which is matching every donation to the new hospital, up to $25 million.
  • You will be recognized in our campaign newsletter and on our campaign website.


Contact us by email or call us at 512-324-7990 to learn more.



 Thank you to our Room Sponsors!

“When Kate was in the hospital, her room became our entire world. We rarely left — we appreciated every comfort, every device that aided her recovery. I'm thrilled to hear about the advances in comfort and technology the rooms in the new medical center will have. Whate a great gift to all those who find themselves in heartbreaking situations.” - Diane Singleton (pictured with her daughter, Kate)

Image of Carlos Brown, MD


Critical Care Patient Room

“The patient room is where everything happens. You can start your day with a patient on one path and in a short amount of time, everything can change. As nurses, we are so excited about the new rooms because they provide more space during this sacred time in a patient's life. We won't have to choose between having family members or lifesaving equipment in the room. With the new patient rooms, we won't be constrained by space.” - Jonathan Hecht, MSN RN ACNS-BC

Room Promotion

Seton’s new teaching hospital will become Central Texas’ gateway to the future of care.

With Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas, Austin will have more specialists for a growing population; sustain high quality care

for all, with a special concern for the vulnerable; discover new treatments, and enjoy economic growth.

This is a game-changer for our city. What transpires will be as future-focused as Austin.


Healthcare Innovation Awards


I want to help.

Your vision of a healthier Austin will become a reality, one person, one commitment, one donation at a time.

Now your gifts to help build Seton’s new teaching hospital will be doubled, dollar for dollar up to $25 million, thanks to a generous challenge grant from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation!