Stories of Impact

Lives are changed daily, even saved, thanks to Seton Healthcare Family’s expert care, expanding medical research, and new models of health care delivery being developed in coordination with Central Health.

Suzanne's Story

Suzanne's Story
Imagine having muscle tremors so debilitating that you had to quit your job. The effects of Parkinson’s disease were taking a toll on Suzanne Wyper until she became the first-ever patient to undergo a groundbreaking surgery—right here in Austin.
Madison with Dog

Madison's Story
The night Madison was finalizing plans to go to Texas Tech University, she was in a life-threatening car wreck. Madison would have three brain surgeries within 24 hours.
Image of Don & Betty Cummins

The Cummins' Story
Don and Betty Cummins have been changing the landscape of Austin for years. Today, their sights are set on the future of care and the economic growth it will bring.
Ken Jones

Ken's Story
Self-defense enthusiast Ken Jones beat a “widow maker” heart attack with expert care at UMC Brackenridge.
Morton Family Car

The Morton Family's Story
The Morton family returned home following a horrific car accident thanks to specialized care at Seton's Level 1 trauma centers
Jennifer Boss 

Jennifer's Story
Jennifer beat epilepsy thanks to a groundbreaking surgery and expert doctors she found right here at home.
Hunter Davis

Hunter's Story
After a 3,500-foot fall, U.S. Air Force pilot Lt. Hunter Davis is flying high again thanks to Seton.
Amy Wright

Amy's Story
Amy and her step-daughter survived a horrific car accident, thanks to the care they received at Austin's only Level 1 adult trauma center.
Gloria Chapa

Gloria's Story
Gloria is staying out of the emergency room — and keeping her spirits up — thanks to a new program called Seton Total Health Partners.

Seton’s new teaching hospital will become Central Texas’ gateway to the future of care.

With Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas, Austin will have more specialists for a growing population; sustain high quality care

for all, with a special concern for the vulnerable; discover new treatments, and enjoy economic growth.

This is a game-changer for our city. What transpires will be as future-focused as Austin.


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