One Patient at a Time or 1000 at Once: Level I Trauma Team Stands Ready

The University Medical Center Brackenridge Level I trauma team will make its new home at Dell Center Medical Center at The University of Texas. See how four of these surgeons rely on their military medical service to stay cool under fire. Our physicians’ experience, their role as educators, and their research excellence are part of what helps them provide best-in-class health care to Central Texans. We call it Humancare.

Meet Jack of All Trauma - Pet Therapy Dog

Meet Jack of All Trauma, pet therapy dog extraordinaire at UMC Brackenridge. A visit from Jack comforts the doctors, nurses and staff who daily work in high-stress situations at Austin’s Level 1 Trauma Center. It’s a great example of taking care of our people, so they can take care of their patients.


Madison’s Story: Bowie High Graduate Defies Odds After Brain Injury

The night Madison was finalizing plans to go to Texas Tech, she was in a life-threatening car wreck. Madison would have three brain surgeries within 12 hours. From relearning her ABCs to now attending college, she and her parents thank Seton’s trauma care for her amazing recovery. 


Daniel Survives Diving Accident, Reflects on Seton’s Life-Saving Trauma Center

At the age of 29, Daniel Curtis’ life forever changed when he dove into his pool. He shares his story and describes why UMC Brackenridge’s Level I Trauma Center – which will make its new home at Dell Seton Medical Center at UT – can be the difference between life and death.  


Best Friends Survive Crash, Share Priceless Moments

Best friends Katy Powers and Kate Singleton, along with Katy's stepmom Amy Wright, survived a horrific auto accident thanks to life-saving trauma care at Seton. Dell Seton Medical Center at UT will be the new home to Austin’s only Level I adult trauma center. And it will help write more life-saving stories like this one.


The Essence of Humancare

Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas will be linked to the new Dell Medical School and allow patients and caregivers alike to feel empowered about health care, about Humancare.


We the People

Through many Austin voices, this new video shares our inspiration to re-imagine a most precious resource — health care.


Building a New Model

This video highlights the vision of Seton’s new teaching hospital and how it will transform the health and economy of Austin.

Seton’s new teaching hospital will become Central Texas’ gateway to the future of care.

With Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas, Austin will have more specialists for a growing population; sustain high quality care

for all, with a special concern for the vulnerable; discover new treatments, and enjoy economic growth.

This is a game-changer for our city. What transpires will be as future-focused as Austin.


Healthcare Innovation Awards


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Your vision of a healthier Austin will become a reality, one person, one commitment, one donation at a time.

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