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People across Austin say why they support Seton’s new teaching hospital 

Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas and its partnership with Dell Medical School and Central Health will transform Austin, bringing better care, better economy, and a better community. Discover why so many people across our great city support this project.

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Image of Sister Helen Brewer, Daughter of CharitySr. Helen Brewer, Daughters of Charity
Vice Chair
Seton Board of Trustees

"Courage and conviction to care for others are at the heart of the Daughters’ mission. With bold vision, Seton, UT Austin and Central Health will secure the health of all Central Texans. Responsibility for success reaches beyond this partnership. It is shared by all of us. The Daughters are relying on the compassionate spirit of this community. This is your moment to leave a legacy. With your support, the mission moves forward."




Image of Carlos Brown, MDDr. Carlos Brown
Director, Trauma Services 
University Medical Center Brackenridge

"This is an amazing city in so many aspects, and now we have the chance to lead the future of medicine. Seton’s partnership with The University of Texas, both top-shelf institutions in their own right, will bring medicine’s brightest students and teachers here. A new premier teaching hospital is at the foundation. Without it, medical students can only progress so far. The hospital is where the healing happens. What transpires will be as unique and innovative as Austin."




Image of Leon ChenLeon Chen
Cofounder and CEO
Tiff’s Treats

"Austin is just a few moves away from being a “next generation” city, like Chicago or Miami. We need big city care. We’ve got all the players — Seton, UT Austin, biotech — to be an innovator in health care. Imagine what we can do and the impact it could have worldwide."





Image of Judge Wilford FlowersJudge Wilford Flowers
President of the Board 
The Lola Wright Foundation

"When you think about a medical school, the teaching hospital is where everything comes together. Austin will be the greatest beneficiary of the partnership between Seton and UT. We’ll see an influx of top-notch doctors across multiple disciplines. The quality of medical care will improve dramatically. Our entire community will experience the impact of our new hospital. Austin will not just have more doctors, but the best of the best. Our foundation is proud to make the largest gift in our history to Seton’s new teaching hospital."




Image of Dan GrahamDan Graham

"Austin lauds the individual, making it fertile soil for tech startups. I’ve been fortunate to grow my business in that entrepreneurial space. A new health district will create a huge economic boon, particularly through an emerging biotech industry. With UT Austin’s research capabilities, Dell Medical School and Seton’s new teaching hospital, biotech companies can streamline the flow of product ideas and prove out new concepts, all right here. We’ll see new jobs, new local dollars — and better care for the whole community. It’s such a cool win-win for Austin."




Image of Elizabeth Butler GrangerElizabeth Butler Granger
Community Volunteer

"Supporting Seton’s care of this community is a family tradition, three generations strong. Seton’s new teaching hospital and Dell Medical School will transform care in Austin. How proud those who have come before us would be of where we are and where we’re headed."





Image of Dan HerdDan Herd
Founding Principal
Live Oak-Gottesman
Chair, Seton Fund Board of Trustees

"We’ve got a great opportunity in front of us to forever change health care in Austin. Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas and Dell Medical School will create a pipeline of new doctors and attract top clinical researchers. To get there, we need community support for this $50 million philanthropic campaign to build Seton’s new teaching hospital."




Image of Stephen KrahnStephen Krahn, PhD 
Master organist
Seton patient

"When Dr. Ziu told me I had a brain tumor, I was frightened to say the least, but also impressed by his confidence. Seton’s team of doctors made me feel important. I’m doing well after my surgery. This is a group of seriously educated, specialized, qualified people who came together for me.





Image of Carlos MezaDr. Carlos Meza
Assoc. Professor of Internal Medicine
Hospitalist Medical Director
University Medical Center Brackenridge

"The goal is optimizing health. How do we provide the best care at the best value? We leverage the strengths of Seton, UT Austin and Central Health to keep people healthy and out of the hospital. It’s something that all of Austin can get behind."





Image of Mike MillardMike Millard
Executive Director
Innovation, Technology and Research
Seton Healthcare Family

"Austin is already a player from a purely high tech standpoint so common sense says that with a medical school and teaching hospital coming, biotech is coming, too. The end game is not only new treatments but also new innovations to repair our health care system as well."




Image of TJ Milling, MDDr. TJ Milling
Deputy Director and Clinical Scholar
Seton/UT Southwestern Clinical Research Institute

"This is a once-in-a-generation moment. It’s a rare opportunity to build a new teaching hospital and a new medical school together, from scratch. Top clinical researchers from around the globe want to be a part of it. New treatments will be discovered right here in Austin thanks to many keen minds working together in close proximity."





Image of Jaron SantelliJaron Santelli, MD
Chief Resident of Emergency Medicine
Seton Healthcare Family

"I’m one of the 16 Emergency Medicine residents at Seton. Austin is such an enriching place to learn and grow that we all hope to practice within the community one day. Seton’s mission enables me to provide compassionate care to anyone who walks through our ER doors regardless of social or economic background. That mission, paired with a culture of excelling in our field, is personally rewarding."




Image of Roy SosaRoy Sosa
Social Capitalist and Entrepreneur

"Seton’s new hospital is a catalyst for idea generation and an opportunity to re-imagine the future of health care. We can tap the intellectual capital of innovators in technology, medicine, science, education, engineering, even the creative arts. And, because Seton is part of Ascension Health, a respected health system with national reach, there is great potential to share our successes on a much larger scale. What transpires here will not only define a whole new experience for patients, but also inspire the global health care community."




Image of Pete WinsteadPete Winstead
Founder, Winstead PC
Chair, Seton Capital Campaign Committee

"Better care means a better future for all of us. Our city has core assets, including Dell Medical School, Central Health, and Seton’s new teaching hospital, that will put Austin on the health care map. Without this new hospital, the equation won’t work. It’s the key piece to attracting specialized doctors, discovering new treatments, and strengthening Austin’s biotech industry."





Image of Amy WrightAmy Wright
Hutto High School teacher
Seton patient

"The car accident caused a serious brain injury for my stepdaughter Katy, and I suffered a fractured neck, abdominal bleeding and two broken arms. My right foot was almost completely severed at the ankle. Thanks to Seton’s expert trauma center, which will make its new home in Seton’s new teaching hospital, Katy and I survived and have the chance to make meaningful differences with the rest of our lives.




Image of Mateo Ziu, MDMateo Ziu, MD
Neurosurgical Oncologist
Seton Healthcare Family

"After finishing my neurosurgical oncology fellowship at MD Anderson, I weighed my options. Austin was attractive. With the new medical school and Seton’s focus on transforming care, I wanted to be part of building a collaborative care mentality, similar to what I experienced at MD Anderson."



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Seton’s new teaching hospital will become Central Texas’ gateway to the future of care.

With Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas, Austin will have more specialists for a growing population; sustain high quality care

for all, with a special concern for the vulnerable; discover new treatments, and enjoy economic growth.

This is a game-changer for our city. What transpires will be as future-focused as Austin.


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